Linda Randazzo

Palermo (01, 01, 1979), lives and works in Palermo.

Degree in design for theater, graduate specialization in painting.Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo.

Master in Design for Theater, Politecnico, Milano.



Short Bio:

Linda Randazzo was born in Palermo, where she lives and works. Her artistic training began at art school, continues with the achievement of a first degree in scenography with production designer Enzo Patti, and a specialization in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo with Alessandro Bazan. It concludes with a master's degree in design for the theater at the Polidesign of Milan, with a thesis project for the staging of the Lady of the Camellias for the permanent theater of Bologna, revised by the director of the staging of the Teatro alla Scala, Ruggero Bellini. Start working as a costume assistant at the Teatro Garibaldi Palermo / Union of the Theatres of Europe for the director Claudio Collovà and projects of the Saint Martins College in London, under the direction of Andrea Cusumano. Later, she devoted herself to the workers for independent productions by director Michel Ferraro (Miramfilm production), as a production designer / costume designer for theater and cinema. She began hes career as an artist by participating in workshops and performances directed by John Bock, Workshop for the 6th edition of the Genius of Palermo, Church of St. Mary the Spasimo, Palermo 2005; Workshop with Alberto Garutti, The art workshops. Cantieri culturali alla Zisa, Palermo 2007; The time of the night, by Emilio Fantin, Institution of Laguna Park, ( "World Island" sideshow "Krossing" at the 53rd Venice Biennale). Theater workshop, organized by the company "Teatro de Los Sentidos", Riso Museum, Palermo. 2009. Real Presence, Belgrade, Serbia. 2010; collaborates with Zac #ReOpen, Zisa Contemporary Art, Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Palermo. With Veit Johannes Stratmann, painting workshop "Der eigene Spur", Cantieri Clturali alla Zisa, Palermo 2013. Her theatrical activity is alongside the pictorial one, she decides to inherit the fortunes and misfortunes of the Sicilian painting, sometimes she creating production of small amateur documentaries, writing stories, doing performances, establishing relations with musicians and artists and working as a curator. Linda exhibits in museums and foundations, is conquered the position of young Sicilian emerging artist, many are interested in her work with interviews and reviews, is present in several collections, she works with several curators and her work is archived from Riso contemporary art Museum of Sicily in Palermo. Exhibits in China, Spain, Serbia. She collaborates with Zelle Gallery of Palermo; Linda works as a tutor for artists and galleries: Sissi Assistant, for a residence "TOMORROW IN PALERMO # 12", Francesco Pantaleone Contemporary Art, Palermo. 2010. Tutor for the residence of Luca Trevisani, "> 100 ° C", Sambuca Foundation, Ex Stabilimento Florio Favignana, 2010. Tutor for the workshop Street Life, by Shobha for Mother India School, Sambuca Foundation, ex Stabilimento Florio Favignana. 2010. She collaborates with Sicilian artists attuned to the social and historical themes like the mafia of Sicily, cultural heritage, emigration: Ferus, courthouse Catania, edited by the National Magistrates Association in collaboration with the Cultural Association 50mt. Catania. I are / clear saint, curated by Giusi Diana, Museum of Contemporary Art of Sicily Riso, Palermo. Casa aut (SIKANIA RISING PROJECT), edited by LaboratorioSaccardi, casamemoria cultural association, cultural association Peppino Impastato, Addio Pizzo, Former home Tano Badalamenti, Cinisi. Duriora Decoxi, curated by Vittoria Alliata and Panaria Film, Villa Valguarnera in Bagheria. Six for legality, by Paolo Falcone, Sambuca Foundation, Palermo.

To support her work Linda illustrates music album covers, magazine pages, Linda draw logos and collaborates with a publisher of Turin, she draw the book by writer and Sicilian composer Francesco Cusa. Linda goes to Milan, where she studied design for the theater with the workers of the Ansaldo workshops of the Teatro alla Scala, and later decide to return to the island. Here he painted and worked primarily as a portrait painter, draws and makes watercolors. She is interested in theater, cinema, philosophy, music and fashion design. She is in Fam Young Award prize for the visual arts, Fabriche Chiaramontane, Agrigento.

Her theatrical activity continues to Catania where he participated in the performance "And We Light" for Antonio Presti Foundation, in which she is actress, costume and set designer, directed by Marco Russo Chiara, the project led to the Teatro alla Guilla of Palermo, 2013. For the Atlas Theatre and Teatro Mediterranean busy, Palermo in 2013, she designed costumes and masks of the dance show "the psyche dream" with direction and choreography by Valentina Miranda, Linda wears a mask as an actress she made. Linda Randazzo attends a Goldismiths College London residence for performers to Cultural Shipyards to Zisa in Palermo, and under the direction of Andrea Cusumano, produces a performance in which she is an actress and costume designer, creating a huge puppet with which it enjoys a tango, during the choral performance “Fifteen entitled Gestures”. Draw sets and costumes for the performance of Giuseppe Massa "Nivuro performance" at the Teatro Libero Palermo 2015. Linda Randazzo was assistant set designer and costume designer for Simone Mannino, which she made the costumes of "Scuossa" show, written and directed by Giuseppe Massa on stage to the Teatro Mercadante in Naples for the section Fringe Theatre Festival (2015). In the same year a solo exhibition entitled "Linda's Space" in the Teatro Garibaldi Palermo gallery curated by the composer Gianni Gebbia. By staff in which she presents paintings and masks, the publisher 42 editions of Palermo draws a volume with a small essay written by art historian Marina Giordano: "Linda's Space, pictorial journey into Linda Randazzo" in 2015. Since 2016 she has collaborated with an independent space, Putia Sicilian Gallery in Castelbuono, and she is present at the Cosenza Art and Craft Museum for an exhibition by Gianfranco Labrosciano and the same in Rome at Palazzo Doria Pamphilj. She exhibiting at Stefania Galegati's International Coffee, an area recognized by Art Verona as independent space in 2017. Linda is present at the exhibition Imago Mundi, an international exhibition of the Luciano Benetton’s collection. From 2017 she is a trainee and assistant to Master Guido Baragli. She collaborates with various performances with the Sicilian Improvisers Orchestra curated by Lelio Giannetto for Curva Minore,  Palermo. In 2018 she is present in a collective "Komm mit nach Palermo!" in Vienna. During Manifesta 12, she is in a very interesting collective and live painting for Galleria Enrico Lombardi (Rome), with "Palermo Capitale della Cultura" partenership. In 2018 she did a solo show curated by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi in a Associazione Archivi Ventrone of Rome. In 2019 she is at Marino Marini Museum, Florence Florence for collettive shoow  curated by Angelo Crespi.

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